Storage Sections

Storage SectionsStorage at Curex is an orderly and structured process. When dealing with medicines storage needs to be paid special attention as it requires controlled and well monitored environments, be it for raw materials, packaging materials, products in quarantine, released, rejected, returned, or recalled products. The three major sections of the Storage systems are, Deleted matter, please check.

  • Raw material Store: Houses the raw materials that have been received. Depending upon the properties of the raw materials, active materials are stored in a thermolabile room whereas other materials are stored at the prescribed temperature as required. After sample tests conducted by Quality Control, the raw materials are dispensed for production.
  • Packaging material store: Packaging materials do not demand a controlled environment and are stored at normal room temperature.
  • Finished Product Store: After primary and secondary packaging, the finished goods are accordingly stored in this finished products store section. After tagging the products with their trade name, batch number, manufacturing date, expiry date, packaged quantity, pharmacists signature and shipper number, FIFO, and FEFO systems are followed for dispatching finished goods.