Research and Development

Research and DevelopmentAny institution is not a fine institute without a scholastic team of Research and Development. At Curex, before any production is done, a thorough research is done, an intricate process that lasts for a minimum period of a year to deliver a medicine palatable, stable, safe, and cost effective to our consumers. This team also constantly strives to enhance an already existing medicine to give the local market a medicine of international standards. Curex currently is developing an entire wing that equips state of the art technology and staffs experienced personnel because it realises Research and Development serves as the foundational stone to meet its vision.

Along with coming up with new generation molecules our research team also tries to reduce the cost of production of the current products by coming up with the new procedures without compromising the effectiveness of the molecules.

Curex Pharmaceuticals also believes in market research. Our medical representatives have lengthy discussions during their doctor and hospital visits to learn the needs of the market. Thus, the information gained is relayed to the Research and Development team, updating them about the feedback on our medicines and informing them of the current medicinal trends. Medical Representatives also keep the doctors well informed about the new products and formulations that are yet to hit the pharmaceutical stores.