Quality Control

Quality ControlAt Curex, Quality Control has a laboratory designed to test the quality of the raw materials, intermediate product, and the final product upon the demands of Quality Assurance. The product during every phase of production has to be tested, reports given to the Quality Control Manager, and then logged into the BMR. The production shall continue onto its next phase only after Quality Control assures that the tests have yielded a positive result.

The tasks under quality control include:

  1. Providing overall directions for the operations in the chemical and microbiological laboratory, in-process controlling, and GMP implementation
  2. To ensure all tests are performed in accordance to the approved methods.
  3. Responsible for the inspection of raw materials, packaging materials and production processes.
  4. Discussing production failures with the Production Manager and determining causes of their failures and their solution.
  5. Responsibility for the stability testing of the finished products.
  6. Responsibility for inventory and preparation of reagents and providing the necessary apparatus.
  7. Responsible for GMP inspections and ensuring strict adherence to GMP rules.
  8. Responsible for the development and training of the subordinates; maintaining discipline and conducting annual appraisal on all subordinates.
  9. Preparing the monthly report.
  10. Preparing the Quality Control Annual Budget.
  11. Improving the quality control costs.