Quality Assurance

Quality AssuranceCurex Pharmaceutical believes, “the endeavour to provide quality products can only come through continuous technological development and improvements in products, processes and services, constant optimization in technique and a trained motivated workforce. This in turn requires management and employees to work together as a team to support the quality initiative and continuous reviewing performance to ensure the achievements of its objectives”.

Curex in no manner can undermine the vitality of the quality in its drugs. Thus, Quality Assurance stands as a mediator and a regulatory between Quality Control and Production team. It is the chief mediator as both the teams report their findings, effectiveness, defects, and deviations to the supreme body; itself. Quality Assurance rigorously checks the BMR to look for any discrepancies, if there is any. It monitors the performance of quality systems and procedures. It also sets procedures for the implementation of cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) rules in manufacturing, packaging, warehousing, and quality control. Its tasks include:

  1. Monitoring the performance of quality systems and procedures and assessing their effectiveness. Emphasis is laid on prevention of defects, and implementation of continuous improvement opportunities.
  2. Setting up procedures for the implementations of current GMP rules in manufacturing, packaging, and quality control.
  3. Assuring regulatory compliance and compliance with company standards.
  4. Performing self inspections and conducting GMP training.
  5. Approving SOPs and managing the SSOP system. Evaluating pharmaceutical technical complaints and deciding upon measures if necessary, in cooperation with other departments.
  6. Assuring validation of manufacturing processes and utilities.
  7. Monitoring batch deviations.
  8. Approving or rejecting raw material supplies.
  9. Responsible for releasing or rejecting products manufactured in the factory.
  10. Authorising QC Manager to release or reject finished goods in the absence of the QA Manager.