Production – a process

Production - a processResearch and Development once fully satisfied with its methodology and upon receipt of approval by the DDA (Department of Drugs Administration) forwards the methodology to the Quality Assurance Department who proceeds to initiate a BMR (Batch Manufacturing Record). A BMR is a log book maintained to serve as a system of checkpoints. It is maintained from the start until the product reaches the market.

The production manager upon receipt of the BMR prepares a schedule in collaboration with the Production Planning and Inventory Control manager. He accordingly procures the raw materials from the Inventory Control as specified by the BMR. The raw material after an approval from Quality Assurance is sent to the manufacturing plant. The production pharmacist supervises the production process, which includes granulation, coating, primary and secondary packing. The production manager is responsible for reviewing all batches, processing record, and batch packaging record.

The tasks of a production manager include:

  • The production team is responsible for the production of drug products from acquisition of all material through processing and subsequent packaging to the delivery of finished products to the warehouse.
  • Provides overall direction for the technical and administrative operations in the warehouse, dispensing, processing, and packaging.
  • To ensure that all equipments are correctly validated and utilized.
  • Preparing daily reports and weekly production plan.
  • Improving production costs and preparing annual budgets.