Corporate Social Responsibilities

Corporate Social Responsibilities
Social Awareness and Responsibilities:

At Curex, our perspective of growth is not limited to our factories but extends to a larger circle. We acknowledge that we have borrowed from the society, nature, environment, and the nation. In little ways, we make efforts to reciprocate back to them. Being conscious of the former, Curex has distributed free medicines to the needy, as in when requirements have beckoned. Curex during the nation’s recent natural disasters has set camps and provided relief through the free distribution of medicines. Realising its responsibility towards the nation, Curex caters to the Government’s demands of medicines, supplying them at cost price (iron tablets and ORS). Moreover, Curex in the past has volunteered when approached by doctors, in their campaigns to raise health awareness in the nation. Curex also regularly hosts Blood Donation Campaign during which they also educate the public of different health issues.

Curex also organizes and supervises Industrial visits for school students to see, observe, and learn the intricacies involved in the production of pharmaceutical products. Realising that these students are the future of the nation Curex invests special time towards them. Curex also provides a well planned and an overall development internship programs to young pharmacy students.

Curex beyond medicines and students also has emphasized in nurturing individuals for a better tomorrow. In our premises, we teach our staffs the value of being acquainted towards the umpteen needs of the society. We have successfully taught efficient waste management, constantly highlighting the importance of a child’s education, hygiene, and safety measures. For these components – staff, society, environment, nation is what Curex is made of.

Milestones of success can only be achieved when balance between the society and a business is struck; the manner in which Curex cures.