Present Overview

curexCurex taking its etymology from Old French ‘curer – to cure’ has been doing justice to the term since 1992. What started as a small company catering to local cities, now, bearing its vision strongly in mind, established its prominence in the Nepalese Medicine Market. It has contended, withstood, staying firm and focused in its endeavors, founding itself as a pioneer of innovative pharmaceutical science.

In 1990 Mr. Pawan Mittal accompanied by his friends had gone to Mumbai for a routine checkup. He, upon the advice of a staff at the laboratory in Mumbai, and seeing the necessity, opened a pathology lab in his own country, Nepal. The idea of Curex diverting to medicines production was later brought up by Mr. Pawan Mittal in his residence over dinner with his family. Over two years, in 1992, the idea from abstract took shape of a small concrete building in Banepa, the outskirts of Kathmandu. Initially catering only to the local market, Curex within its 22 years span has expanded to one of the largest pharmaceutical factories in Nepal.

Mr. Pawan Mittal during his early years of directing saw the ills that Nepal was suffering. It led him to inspire change in the Nepalese pharmaceutical industry. He with enthusiasm sold the basic medicines Nepal’s market needed. He soon realized Curex could do much better if given the right technology; expansion that could compete the best medicine manufactures existing then.

In 2008, Mr. Pawan Mittal officially handed the reigns of the company to his younger brother, Mr. Sushil Mittal. Under his direction Curex leapt boundaries in every field – expansion, innovation, marketing, production, and finance, steering it into its current status. He, a visionary, directs Curex till date in a manner, others would not have envisioned. Although directing every department, his primary interest was in research and development. He after being astonished upon the amount of imports Nepal was making in medicine, decided to blend Amoxicillin and Clavulanic acid. This new formulation was for the first time launched in Nepal. Clavulanic acid prevents the destruction of Amoxicillin from Beta-lactamases enzyme, which enhances the resistance power against micro-organisms. This formula, in the name of Enclave, revolutionized the Nepalese pharmaceutical market scenario. This innovation till date is Curex’s official brand product.