Mission, Vision and Future

Mission, Vision and FutureMission:

Creating cures, preventing diseases, protecting the populace – driving towards a healthier tomorrow.


Curex, using its state of art facility concentrates on manufacturing medicines which can compete with international standards to deliver to the nation superior medicinal upliftment. It strives to build a healthy populace which accordingly facilitates national development. Curex aims to be the pioneer of medicinal innovation, changing the undermining regards associated with Nepalese medicines in comparison to foreign products. Within 2019, Curex aims to traverse international boundaries, bearing its mission in the context of the world – ‘a healthier tomorrow’.

The Future:

At the threshold of 2018, Curex has a clear vision of the year ahead. With diseases being plenty, Curex wishes to diversify into other areas of medicinal innovation.

  • Research and development shall be encouraged to engage more in the studies of cardiac diseases.
  • Research and Development, especially in the process of innovative inventions, are working to produce new drugs that are not available in Nepal to keep an competitive edge in the market as well as to cater to a wider range of the medicinal needs of our nation.
  • Curex is keenly planning to launch its new divisions – Injectables, and soft gelatin. It has already started its production planning towards new Injectables. This initiative is being taken to slash costs for our customers, wherein currently they are paying higher prices to other multinational companies.
  • Our new, perhaps the strangest diversification shall be revealed in 2018 as we move towards the steroids department. Management and the research and development team is keen on Curex’s new endeavour.
  • The Board of Directors have been altercating whether to invest in the development of its surroundings and is wishing to see what the Kavre Village Development Committee would have to say about it.
  • To expand the geographical reach of our products to all corners of the nation to fulfill our vision – towards a healthier tomorrow of the general populace.